Here is a solution to the 100mg packaging problem that may be helpful... it was sent in by a fellow GISTer who must only use the 100mg size because her GIST caused the resection of her esopagus.  I hope it is helpful...

Since I now have to fill my gleevec RX by mail {I take (4) 100 mg tabs every night} my problem has been resolved, but others filling their RX through a pharmacy will experience this. 

This problem would probably also apply to pediatric Gist patients as well.

Novartis graciously gives an RX discount card through my Gist circle organization, but it is not honored by the pharmacies because Novartis packages the 100 mg tabs in bottles of 90 rather than 120, making the RX only good for 21 days instead of the 30 days it is prescribed for!

And the discount is only good on 30-day RX. therfore I was paying the full co-pay every 3 weeks while others getting a 30 day supply were benefiting from the savings.

Because of the high cost the pharmacy won't open the bottles packaged by Novartis to make up the 120 tablets required for 30 days.

Mail RX does open the bottles and I now get the 30 day supply AND the discount benefit. insurance company resolved my issue by doing it through the mail.

Stay well!

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