Tumor Growth

When I first learned that I would be going for scans every six months or so I was curious as to why.  After all it took a long time for my GIST to grow in the first place.  So I decided to make a spread sheet that I could put different values into like initial tumor size, inoperable size and rate of growth.  It allowed me to visualize just how fast a tumor can grow and become inoperable.  I make no claim as to the accuracy of this tool, only that it is my understanding of how tumors grow.

You need to have either Microsoft Office or Open Office on your PC for this to work.  Microsoft Office comes with some PC's or can be purchased for several hundred dollors. 

Better yet, Open Office, by Sun MicroSystems comes FREE and you get the entire office suite.  Click on the button to get it:

 Use OpenOffice.org

Click on the Spreadsheet Icon to Give it a Try


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