Why Join My Mail List?

I have added a mail list to my site for two reasons. 

The first is used to send emails about items of interest that I receive via other email or in the USPO mail concerning a press release or an item that would be of interest to other GISTers, care-takers or anyone interested in GIST.  I want to share information with others.

The second reason is related to the annual "Walk for a Cure".  If you elect to, and you do have that option, I will pass along information about the Walk and events related to it. 

I have the capability of placing my emails into "groups".  If you only want to be in a specific group just let me know (with out a specific request, I will enter you into all three groups).  The groups are:

What others are saying about GIST?

What news is being published about GIST?

What news is there about "The Walk For A Cure"? 

The information that you provide will NOT be used for any other purpose and if you are like me you sure don't need any extra emails of junk that only has to be deleted anyway.  I understand that and would never abuse your trust.

Bill Smith


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